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1. The Cold War

Version: Task: Finds & Enemies: 3 Secrets, Supplies (Uzi, MP5 Rifle, Automatic Pistols, Harpoon Gun), Enemies () Length: Gaming Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Story: Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please pay a visit to our Help Forum.


You will start the level in the water. Dive ahead and slightly to the right. From the right, climb out onto the ice block. Pick up the flares. Kill the snow leopard in the area on your left and the shark in the water. You might have to attract it first. Then jump into the water and dive along to the right. At the end turn left. Collect the Harpoon Gun ahead and the two packs of arrows on your left. Swim to the surface to catch your breath. Then dive down again. Turn left and collect some more arrows. Turn right immediately. There are two more packs.
Secret 1 (Gold Coins): Then turn right and dive into the narrow passage on the left side. Collect the pile of gold coins. Then dive back out.
Again, climb onto the ice platform. Jump over to where the snow leopard was.

Caves with Leopards

Collect the first pack of shotgun shells. After collecting the second pack of shotgun shells, immediately jump to the side, to get out of the way of a boulder. Step over to the crate and push it to the side. Pick up the small medipack hidden below. Then run into the first passage on the right and kill the snow leopard. Collect the shotgun shells. Return to the entrance but before stepping outside turn right to reach the next part of the cave. Kill another snow leopard. Collect the flares and climb onto the block next to it to avoid another avalanche coming down from the left. Continue to the end of the cave and collect some more shotgun shells. Turn around and enter the first passage on your right. At the end, you can see more ammo. Kill another snow leopard, then go and collect the ammo. Take a few steps back and then run towards the snow-covered platform. Careful, another boulder will come from the right.


Then turn right and run up the ramp. Careful, behind the pit you will be greeted by two avalanches. One coming out of the passage on the right, the other coming down from the top, on the right side. Quickly run to the top, on the left side. Pick up the shotgun shells. Run back down and enter the passage on the left, where the second avalanche came from. Run over to the ice wall. Look up. Above the one in the middle, you can see an opening. Climb up.

Two Killers

Collect the large medipack. A door opens and a killer dressed in white enters. He comes down the right ramp. Shoot him. He is very slow, so run behind his back and shoot him from there. If he turns, run past him and again shoot him in the back till he falls. He loses some M16 Ammo. Run to the top and use the same tactics on the second killer. He loses some more M16 Ammo. Step out through the door.


The pile of snow is lower on the right side. Make a sideflip or a swan dive over the lowest corner.
Goodies: Pull out the crate on your right. Run around it and push it from the other side. Then pull out the second crate. Climb over it and step into the passage behind. Collect the small medipack and the shotgun shells. Get back outside.
Now climb up at the back of the pillar in the middle. Collect the flares at the front ledge and the small medipack left of the slide. Climb onto the pillar underneath the slide. Kill the eagle in the sky. Then use the slide. Take it to the end. You will land on a slippery platform.

Climbing in the Ice

When you have reached the ground draw your guns to kill two more eagles. Then climb onto the block in front of the iced window. Shoot the snow leopard on the left.
Goodies: Jump towards the platform on the right. Take one step to the left, then quickly climb out again to avoid a boulder. Now climb back into the hidden passage. Run to the end and jump into the pit the boulder fell into. Collect the M16 Rifle. Climb back up.
Now climb onto the part where the snow leopard was. Collect the shotgun shells on your right, behind a ledge.
Secret 2 (Gold Bars): Now climb towards the huge pit on your left. Climb down the wall. Enter the passage. Shoot another snow leopard. Climb up at the end. Collect the shotgun shells and the gold bars. Run back. (If you drop down in front instead, you are back at the ramp where the avalanches came down.) Climb back up.

The Huts

Run along the passage in front of the huts on the left, into the direction you came from when you used the slide. On your left is another passage. Follow it. Turn right and shoot at the white guy. Don't wait for Lara to aim, press action right away. After he is finished, pull the lever in the alcove on the left. A door in the chamber on the other side of the grate opens. Pick up the M16 Ammo the baddy has lost. Run into the chamber at the top of the ramp and collect the Guard Key. Run back down. Get back into the passage on the left. Climb up on the right. Shoot either of the two glass windows. Behind it, you will find a closed door with a keyhole to your right and a crate on your left.
Goodies: Push the crate once. This will reveal a passage on your right. Follow it. Make a running jump over the gap. Grab the ledge and pull up. Climb onto the next block. Jump over the wall on the right. Below you will find the Automatic Pistols. Then climb into the hut on the right. Pick up the Automatic Ammo on the left. Climb out of the hut on the other side.
Now run over to the keyhole and open the door. Kill the baddy. Then pick up the Automatic and Shotgun Ammo. Step through the door on the left. Run along the walkway and collect the small medipack.


Step onto the snow platform. The part at the back is slippery. Slide down, weapons drawn. Turn left and kill the guy and the snow leopard. On the left, you can see a snowmobile. Leave it alone for now. Run to the back of the chamber and pick up the small medipack. Use the lever in the left corner. Instead of heading towards the snowmobile head out onto the ramp and kill the eagle.
Goodies: On the left side is a lower block. Step onto it. Underneath is a ladder. Climb down. Kill the snow leopard below. Pick up the shotgun shells and the flares. Climb back up.
If you prefer shooting to overrunning people, kill the next guy as well. Then get to the snowmobile and drive it out onto the ramp.
How to use the snowmobile:
To mount the snowmobile press action. Use left and right to steer into this direction. Press up or down to drive forwards or backwards. Press Jump and Left/Right to unmount. Press Action while on the snowmobile to drive faster if using the unarmed version, or to fire the weapons if using the armed version.
Speed over it pressing forward and action to make the jump over the gap. Park the snowmobile in the chamber. Press the jump button and a direction to leave it.

Armed Snowmobiles

Get out into the open. A snowmobiler appears, the weapons of his snowmobile aimed at you. Quickly climb onto one of the blocks and kill him from up there. After he is finished, pick up the M16 Ammo on the first block, the Automatic Ammo on the right side of the hut you came out of and the M16 Ammo and large medipack on the third pillar. Now get either of the two snowmobiles and continue into the second hut. I prefer the armed one. Turn left and overrun the baddy. Pick up the Automatic Ammo he loses, then drive towards the ramp with the windows. Jump through. Drive around the building in the middle and try killing the next guy on a snowmobile with the weapons of your snowmobile. He will try the same. Take care not to get pushed out through the next window set.

Two Levers

Get back into the first part of the chamber. On the left, you can climb into a building. Turn left and use the lever on the left wall to trigger an avalanche. This will break the ice on the lake and also open the door of the hut. Kill the guy coming out. Collect the small medipack and the M16 Ammo. Get into the hut and pull the lever.

Cave With Ice Structures

Get back outside and jump into the water. Dive into the passage in the corner and follow it to a cavern. Climb out of the water. Behind you above the lake is an alcove with some goodies, you cannot reach them yet. The cave is filled with ice structures. If you have a look around, you can see that there is another part underneath the ice. Below are some ice-creatures patrolling. There is also a golden skull. Above you, you can see some ice platforms and at the end a pillar with large medipack. There is also another ice creature. Do not shoot at him, if you leave them all alone they won't harm you either. Close to the lake, you can find a passage on the left. Follow it. Climb up the blocks. Follow the passage at the back around to another platform. Climb onto that platform. You can see the icy walkway leading away from here. Run onto it but do not stop, the walkway will start to collapse. Jump onto the pillar. Now have a close look where the next part is going. It leads to the right, then to the left. Run along to reach the large medipack. The pillar with the medipack is safe. Collect the medipack. Ignore the ice warrior. Picking up the medipack will trigger two boulders, which will drop down and open up the ice. Turn slightly to the right. There you can see a snow covered slope and underneath the slope another pillar you can stand on. Jump onto the slope to slide onto that block. Look down, below are more ice warriors patrolling. Hang from the ledge, shimmy as far as you can to the left and drop down onto the slope. It will transport you right to the ground. If you have not hit any of the ice creatures, they will leave you alone.
Secret 3 (Golden Skull): Shoot the ice-windows on the right and collect the golden skull behind it.
This will trigger three killers. Shoot them as quickly as possible. The ice creatures will help you, avoid hitting them. I found the M16 quiet useful here. Collect the shotgun shells, 2x uzi ammo and a small medipack. Now run over to the other side. In the left corner you will find two ice-windows in the wall. You can destroy the right one.
Goodies: But before you do so climb up the blocks on the right. After the second block, you have to climb up on the left. At the top, you will come to the lake again. The surface is now solid ice. Cross it and collect the goodies in the alcove. There you'll find some uzi ammo and grenades. Return to the edge and slide down the ramp.
Now shoot the right window. On the left a snow leopard appears. Step into the passage and kill the attacking animal. Use the shotgun. Run to the end. In the left corner you can find a climbable wall. Climb up. Follow the passage and step through the opening door. You are inside the hut again.
If you would jump into the water again and dive through the passage you will find the lake again - very strange bug.

Baddies and Goodies

Get out of the hut and get over to the other side. Climb out. Run over to the opposite archway. Kill the guy running around on the right stack of crates. Then kill the guy on the left. If you shoot at him while jumping up and down from behind the wall, you can kill him without being attacked in return. Collect the M16 Ammo from the killer on the right. On a block on the left, you can find some flares.
Goodies: Now run towards the still closed gate. Turn left and climb onto the wall. Take a running jump over the ice wall. While sliding down, jump slightly to the right to land on the next slope and slide down backwards. Grab the ledge. Shimmy as far to the left as you can. Then make sure your energy bar is on 100%. Then let go. You will lose nearly all your energy. Light a flare. Pick up the uzi ammo, the large medipack and the Uzis. Then climb up the wall. You will come to where you've parked the snowmobile. You will come through an ice wall, you cannot get through from the other side. Return to the place where you shot the two killers.

Through the Wooden Gate

On the right, you can find a lever on the right wall. Use it to open the wooden gate. Collect your snowmobile and drive it through the gate. Shoot the baddy with the integrated Machine Gun. Get off and collect the small medipack. Then take the snowmobile up the hill. Jump over the gap and take the snowmobile down on the other side. Quickly take it out to the right to avoid the avalanche.

The Key

Run over the killer. Collect the large medipack. Another killer will appear from behind. Shoot him. He loses some grenades and a Shaft B Key. The first killer has lost some Automatic Ammo. Get back onto the snowmobile. Park it at the lock and open the door with the key. Step through and kill the snow leopard. Cross the bridge and get into the next shed. Use the lever to open the other door, out by the snowmobile. Get back there. Step through and shoot the killer on the right. From the right two more killers will come. Shoot them as well. Then collect the grenades from the first killer, the shotgun shells from the crate and shotgun shells and a small medipack from the two other killers.


Outside you will be attacked by an eagle. Kill it. Run over to the other end and kill the guys running around on the walkway above. Run between the pillars in the middle and use the lever there to open the trapdoor. Get out and drop into the water. Swim out through the wooden passage.
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