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2. Fool's Gold

Finds & Enemies 3 Secrets, 2 Weapons (M16, Grenade Launcher) Gaming Time: 1 Hour

First Steps

Jump into the water. Dive into the passage and up the next shaft. Climb out of the water on the right. There is a killer up in the window. He might come down for you. Kill him and then take care of the dog coming from the right. Then shoot the guy coming through the gate and a brawler coming down the stairs. Collect some shotgun shells the killers have lost. Then run into the little chamber right of the waterhole and collect a large medipack. Get back outside.

Flamethrowers and Switch

Step into the chamber with the pool. The door closes behind you. Swim through the pool to reach some flares on the other side. Shoot the dog, which appears in the chamber. Then climb the stairs. In the second window, you can collect some shotgun shells. When you approach them, you can see two guys with flamethrowers appear underneath. Try killing them before they get up the stairs. When they set you on fire jump into the pool. One of the guys loses a small medipack. After killing them, use the switch on the upper level, above the pool, to open a door somewhere. Take a running jump over to the passage opposite the switch. Grab the ledge and pull up the passage. You are now on top of the stairs.

Open Door and Goodies

Follow the passage and at the end turn left. At the end on your right is the door you just opened with the first switch.

Instead of stepping through get into the passage on the left and use the switch on the right wall. Run back and along the passage and turn right. The second door on the left is open as well. Step inside and collect the M16 Ammo. Pull out the crate opposite the entrance. Pull it out through the doorway and along the passage. Stop when you have reached the passage with the stairs on your right. Run down and climb up to the right. Run to the right. You are now behind the crate. Step into the chamber again and pick up the M16 Ammo, which lay underneath the crate.

Secret 1 (gold coins):
Then pull the other crate aside to find a pile of gold coins underneath. Then step back outside.

Now step through the other door.

Guarded Switch

Climb over the wall and get out to the left. On your left is a ramp. Turn into the broad passage on the right. Behind the window on the left, you can see two guys guarding a switch. Run to the end of the passage and turn left. Turn left again. On your right is a closed door. Climb over the wall ahead and kill the guy with the club and the killer. The brawler loses a small medipack and the killer some shotgun ammo. Step into the chamber on the left. Use the switch to open the other door you came past.

Open Area

Get back into the passage and climb over the tiny wall again. Step through the door. You will come into an area with huts. On the right is a door where you will need a key. Turn left. On the right is a box with shotgun shells. Collect them. This will alert the two killers on the roofs above. Shoot both of them from below.

Run between the two buildings on the left. Quickly climb onto the box with the M16 clips and from there take out the dog. Then collect the ammo as well as the flares further into that passage.

Run to the box by the first building and from there climb up onto the roof. Kill the brawler and collect the shotgun shells. Then shoot the two crows. From the roof of the first building on the left, jump onto the roof of the second. Pick up the shotgun ammo the killers have left you. From here, you can also run to the adjacent roof of the right building. On your way there, you will be attacked by another brawler, who loses a small medipack. Collect the shotgun shells lying around on the right roof.

On the Roofs - Circuit Board

Another killer will appear in the chamber. Shoot him and collect the small medipack. Enter the passage and use the switch at the end. The door opens. Step into the chamber and kill the dog. Then pick up the Circuit Board. Now run over to the other side. You can use the circuit board in the chamber ahead. The door right of it opens. Step inside and light a flare. Jump onto the nearest box on the left and from up there shoot the guy on his snowmobile. Up here, he cannot run over you. Take him out quickly as he is shooting at you. I recommend Uzis. Now before getting down to the ground, shoot a couple of rats. Then climb onto the crate right of the entrance to get some flares. You will need them in here. Now run over to the left to find some M16 Ammo. Run over to the wall at the back. In the left corner you will find a large medipack and a Key Card Type 1. The door at the beginning of the open area is shown to you. A guy with club is guarding it now. Run over to the area right of where you are now. Behind the ramp, you can find some Uzi clips. But careful the brawler might attack. He loses a small medipack.

This next part will only get you some goodies, the Grenade Launcher and the Automatic Pistols. If you don't want them, skip the next two paragraphs and continue at Key Card Doors.


Get towards the snowmobile the guy has left you. If you need light just fire the canons using the action button. Take the snowmobile outside. If you didn't meet the brawler with small medipack by the ammo, you might meet him on your way out. Another guy with snowmobile leaves his hideout, actually there are two but the second appears later. Drive over to the right. Turn right through the narrow doorway. There you can get to the lower level by driving down to the right. You might find some M16 Ammo down in the archway there. Kill the dog you will meet somewhere around, as well as the next guy with his snowmobile. Instead of shooting the snowmobilers from your snowmobile, you can also climb onto any higher block and take them out from there. Although I found the snowmobile chase easier and it's much more fun. Now drive back onto the big ramp inside the building and drive down to the right. If you drive up to the left, you will come back to the roofs and further along you will find the chamber where you found the Guarded Switch. Drive up the ramp and on top of the metal walkway park your snowmobile. At the end of the narrow passage, you can find a movable crate, which leads into the dark room above. Instead of driving up the ramps, you can also get through there.

Underwater Fan

Climb onto the wall. In front of you, below, are a pool and a grey/brown platform. Opposite are a couple of windows in a wall that is climbable. A killer is behind them. He will start shooting at you. Take him out with the M16. Drop down onto the platform below. Follow the dark passage. There you will find some flares. Run back outside. Jump at the ladder. Climb up and to the right to get into the window. Pull out the movable crate on the left. Underneath you can find some grenades. In the same chamber on the opposite wall is a now open door. Step inside the passage to find more grenades. Now the door behind the crate is open. Step inside the passage and find the Grenade Launcher. Step back into the window. Below is now one of those flamethrower guys in yellow suit. Kill him from up here. He loses a small medipack. Then jump into the water there you can find an underwater lever. On one side is a tunnel with a moving fan. Use the lever to turn it off. Then dive into the passage. Light a flare. Dive into the dark tunnel on the right. Turn right again and at the end turn left. Here you can get out of the water. Collect the two packs of Automatic Ammo on the ground. Turn around and climb into the dark passage there. In the chamber, you will find a rat and the Automatic Pistols or Ammo. Now swim over to the other side. The door opens. Climb out and drop back onto the ramp. Up to the left, you can collect your snowmobile and/or get into the dark chamber again.

Key Card Doors

Drive/run towards the door at the beginning of the Open Area and open it with your key card. Inside you will find a second Key Card Type 1. Kill the brawler. Pick up his small medipack. Climb into the next chamber. There is a closed door. On the left is a lock where you will need a Key Card Type 2. Use the switch on the right. Climb back into the first chamber and shoot the killer that appeared. He has the Key Card Type 2 we need.

Secret 2:
Before we continue through the door, we will get Secret 2. Run back outside. Turn left. Turn left again and run into the passage ahead. On the right is now an open door. Run along the passage. You will come to a chamber where you can climb up to the right and on the left is a giant fan. Climb up. Use the switch on the right to open the door at the top. Three dogs will come out. Shoot them. Run up and out through the door. Collect the gold bars. If you look down into the yard, you can see on the roof of which building you are. The waterhole underneath is where you entered. Run back into the chamber with the key cards.

Climb over into the second chamber. Use the red key card. By now, the second door, which is timed and was opened by the switch, has closed again. Use the switch to open it once more and then run through.

The Ducts

Run into the open and kill the two brawlers that attack. (This next part is optional, if you don't want the goodies you can skip that part. Continue at Shortcut) Climb the white snowy platforms in the corner till you reach the highest level. Climb onto the square on the right overlooking the ducts. (Picture) Take a standing jump onto the nearest duct. Collect the flares. Then run along the duct and over to the crates on the right. Two killers appear. Shoot him. If you climb the crates on the right, two dogs appear. Get rid of them. Now you can explore the area. The second of these crates can be pulled out. So can the two behind. Pull out the second, then go around and push the other one onto the spot where the second one was. Underneath you can find some Uzi Ammo and Grenades. (See graphic.) On the left is a crate with a large medipack. When you pick it up you can see a brawler appearing underneath. That's in the area below on the left. He will come up to you. If you look down to the right, you can see a killer. But take out the brawler, approaching from behind, first. He drops a small medipack for Lara to collect. Then take care of the killer below on the right. Now it's time to climb down. Hang from the ledge between the last crate and the high tower. Drop onto the rusty block below to come to the area where the killer was. Pick up the Uzi Ammo. Now get out and jump onto the two squares-block in the middle. A brawler and a crow will attack you. Kill both. Then drop down. At the snowy wall, you can see a rusty duct with some automatic ammo on it. Right of it is a snowy ledge. Jump onto it and climb onto the duct. Collect the goodies. You have to skip the next paragraph "Shortcut" and continue at Barrels and Flamethrowers


If you choose not to get the goodies, do the following: In the area on the right, you can see a building. It's very dangerous to enter it here, so slide down on the right. Climb up ahead towards the snowy wall. There you can see a rusty duct with some automatic ammo on it. Right of it is a snowy ledge. Jump onto it and climb onto the duct. Collect the goodies. In the area further to the right is a killer. Shoot him from down here. Then climb up to where he was and collect the Uzi Ammo. Get back down. Now you can pick up the normal walkthrough again.

Barrels and Flamethrowers

Now climb over to the rusty stairs at the building. Enter the building carefully. On the opposite wall, you can see some windows. Behind it are two guys with flamethrowers. Jump onto the duct but stay close to the entrance. From up here you can kill the rats on both sides and you might be able to shoot the guys with flamethrower. When you are sure that both are finished run into the room. After a couple of meters, some barrels will come down. Hide in the second alcove on the left, there you will also encounter a rat. A second rat appears shortly afterwards. Kill both. Careful when you slide down you have to take the whole way up again. When the rumbling has stopped, run towards the door opposite. In the middle you will trigger another set of barrels. Hide again. Now once more run towards the gate to trigger more barrels. Again step into the alcove to hide. Now light a flare and run up to where the barrels came from. In the left corner you can find a slot for the second Key Card Type 1. Use it to open the big gate and the waterhole behind you.

Bridge with Skeleton

Choose the underwater tunnel. You will find a small medipack, 2 packs of Uzi Ammo and some flares in the big chamber. Alternatively you can walk through the gate and jump into the water. After you have climbed out a guy with flamethrower will come in through the gate. Kill him as quickly as possible and jump into the water when you catch fire. Now enter the chamber. On the right is a rusty duct. Climb onto it and from there pull onto the walkway above. Shoot the killer. Pick up some M16 Ammo. Drop down at the other end. On the right you can see a killer behind the window. Step into the dark chamber on the left. Run down to the right. There you can see a platform and underneath a bridge with a skeleton. Jump onto the block on the left and from there onto this higher pillar. (Lara is standing on it in the picture.) Take out the killer on the right with the M16.

Secret 3:
Behind this block on the left is an alcove with the golden skull in it. Jump down and collect it. Climb back up onto the pillar.

Now drop onto the walkway with the skeleton. Two brawlers will appear. One in front and one behind you. Kill both. Look down to the right to see another skeleton and a large medipack. Keep that in mind.

Run to the end of the bridge and jump up onto the block on the right. Shoot the two crows. Then climb further up to the right. Climb up to the top. There you will find a small medipack and some automatic ammo. Collect them and climb back down and onto the bridge with the skeleton.

Now jump onto the ladder and climb down. When your feet are on the lowest step, make a backflip to land in the alcove. Run up and collect the large medipack. 5 rats will appear. Kill them. Then advance towards the edge.


Slide down backwards and grab the ledge at the end. Let go to drop onto the ground. Run over to the left. In the alcove you can find some shotgun shells. Afterwards find the passage at the back on the left and run into it to reach the next level.
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