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3. Furnace of the Gods

Version: Task: Finds & Enemies: 3 Secrets, Supplies (), Enemies () Length: Gaming Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes Story:

Spike Walls

At the beginning you are sliding down a slope. Jump at the end and grab the ledge with the flares. Pull up and collect them. Take a running jump back onto the slope. This time you will slide down backwards. Grab the ledge and the end and drop down. You will slide down into a cave with two skeletons. Pick up the flares and the shotgun shells. Now run down into the passage and towards the small medipack. Shoot the rat appearing. Then pick it up. Run over the collapsing floor tiles. In front and on the right is a spike wall, so turn left. Ignore the rats and run over to the movable crate on the left. Push it into the wall to get into the alcove. Wait there till the spike wall got past. In the meantime you can kill the rats. Get out behind the spike wall and run over to the right. There you can find two packs of automatic ammo.

Golden Mask

Return to the crate and push it once more to clear the passage on the right. Run into the next cave. The camera shows you the cave and you can see a wolf. Step forward. Two wolves will attack. Kill them. At the top you will find a skeleton and a small medipack. On the socket in the middle you can see the Mask of Tornarsuk. It is surrounded by three crystal warriors. Guess what?! They'll come to life when you pick up the mask. But that's no problem, as long as you don't harm them the do not harm you. There is also a third wolf that will appear. Now explore the area on the left to find an open gate. Step through.

Rat Chamber and Movable Crates

Drop into the pit and slide down the ramp to end up in the water. Turn around (when you slid down forwards) and swim into the passage ahead. You will encounter a yellow moraine. Shoot it with the harpoon or turn around and lure it into the chamber at the other end to shoot it from outside. In the passage where you encountered the moraine you can find some harpoon arrows on the ground. Pick them up. Then dive into the other direction and climb out into the room. Light a flare. Pick up the shotgun shells and the small medipack. Then kill all the rats around. There are three movable crates in this room. Two of them just cover up a few goodies. Move them to a different spot to get a large medipack, shotgun shells and flares. Then pull out the crate blocking a passage and push it sideways.

Ladder and Boulder

Enter the passage. Run over the collapsing tiles to get to the other side. At the end you will find an opening in the ceiling. If you turn around you can see a ladder. Jump onto it and climb up. The passage at the top is blocked by a crate. Push it forwards twice.
Secret 1 (Gold Coins): Push the crate sideways to reveal a pile of gold coins.
Now run around to the back. There is a skeleton in the passage. That's a hint. Step towards the skeleton, then get out of the way quickly. Step back towards the skeleton and pick up the flares.

Spike Lava Pits and Lever

Run up the passage and follow it to the right. Jump over the three lava-spike pits. Run out into the open. You are now back in the big cave but high above on a ledge. Run towards the switch and use it to open the big gate down in the cave.
Goodies: On a ledge to your left you can see some M16 Ammo. Take a running jump onto the first ledge and from there onto the one with the Ammo.
Drop down to the ground.

Through the Big Gate

Now run towards the big gate and enter. Turn right and use the lever on the left to open the next gate. In the next chamber you will encounter three killers. Shoot them. They will lose some Uzi Ammo and a small medipack. Run towards the back of the chamber. On the left you can see through a fence into a room with yellow stuff. There you will also find a large medipack. A few steps back, on the same side - left, you can climb onto a yellow block. Above it is an opening. (Picture) Climb up into that opening.

Liquid Gold

Drop down into the next room. Make a running jump from the yellow platform onto the grey one.
Jump over to the block on the left and walk along to the end. Take a running jump towards the next platform. Grab the ledge and pull up. You will slide down; jump to reach the slope in the corner. Jump again to land on a platform with grenades. Pick them up. Jump up towards the next block. Turn right and take a running jump onto the platform by the gold "waterfall".
From there continue with a running jump towards the platform with the slope. Jump onto the slope and jump to land on the next platform. Climb up the grey rocks. You can explore the area on the right. There is the barred window through which you've looked earlier, from the other side. There is nothing to find. Climb further up. Turn left.

By the golden Waterfall

Run up the bridge. This will get you to the other side of the giant waterfall. Climb up into the grey rocks. On the second step you have to turn right and climb up there. Make a mental note that you can climb further up here!
Goodies: Instead of climbing further up, you can collect flares and a small medipack first. In the pit on your right you can see some flares. Climb down carefully and collect them. Climb back up. Climb further along and find a small medipack in a pit on the right. Climb back all the way onto the higher pillar.
Climb further up. Turn around and take a running jump towards the ledge above the River of Gold. Pull up. Continue with another running jump to the other side and pull up. Run to the end. Below you can see flares.
Goodies: Jump down onto the rocks on the right and from there climb down into the pit. Pick up the flares. Climb back out. From the highest peak of the platform you can jump up towards the next platform and pull up. The red cross indicates where you have to stand.
On this platform at the end you can find a pack of shotgun shells. Collect them. Then get back onto the middle of the platform. Jump onto the pillar in the middle and pick up the M16 Ammo. A crow appears. Kill it. After you got rid of the crown turn towards the ledge on the right side of the stream and take a running jump to get there. Here you have to kill another crow. Be careful not to drop down or you have to climb up again, getting over to the other side of the stream and back here. Climb further up and jump over the spike pit.


This paragraph can be skipped when you don't want the goodies and secret. Climb up straight ahead till you reach the top where you'll find some shotgun shells. Kill the next crow. Look over to the left. There you can see some M16 Ammo. You can get there with a running jump. Before you collect the ammo, kill the crow. After getting the ammo, continue onto the platform beneath the slope.
Secret 2:
Turn right. If you look over the edge of the golden stream you can see a pit with a grey block. (Picture; click to see full size.) Take a running jump to get there. Climb down to get the Gold Bars. Climb back up. Climb further up into the same direction. Turn around and make a running jump towards the other block. Pull up. Turn right. Take a running jump to get back onto the platform where you got the M16 Ammo. Again jump onto the other platform beneath the slope.
Turn left and jump back onto the rocks at the side.

Blade and golden Stream

Now climb along the right side, behind the rocks. Follow the passage. You will find some automatic ammo on your way. Climb up to reach a chamber with a golden pillar. In the passage behind it is a rolling blade. Run out behind it and hide in the first alcove on the right. Wait for the blade to come past then hide in one of the alcoves in the back. In the left one you will find a passage leading out. Follow it. On the right is a short passage with large medipack. By the golden stream turn right.

Grey Platforms and Polar Bear

Jump onto the first grey platform. Continue with a running jump onto the next one. Then take a standing jump onto the next. The next gap requires a running jump again. Then another standing jump and once more a running jump. Now you are on the last platform. In front of you is a pool and above you can see a snowy ledge with a polar bear. Shoot the bear from down here. Then jump into the water. Kill the golden fish with the harpoon gun. Then dive into the passage and up the long shaft. Climb out of the water. By the skeleton you can find a large medipack. Step out through the doorway. In front of you is a stream. Jump into the water but fight the current and swim up to the right. In the corner you will meet a second polar bear. Kill it. Then explore the platform it was guarding. There you will find some Uzi Ammo. Then return to the water and walk towards the single platform. Take a running jump to reach it, pull up to get harpoon arrows.

Ladders and Boulders

Jump into the water and let the current take you along. In the cave at the back you can find some M16 Ammo on the right and in the middle. Dive a few meters back and up into the opening. Climb out. On the window sill you can find a small medipack and flares. Then step out towards the ladder. Take a running jump to reach it. Climb over to the right. Drop onto the safe ground. Step onto the ramp. Look up to the right to see a boulder. Run down the ramp. On the right you can see another boulder at the ceiling. At the end of the ramp you will find a closed door. On the left wall is a switch. Use it. Then make a backflip to avoid a boulder. The second one will just pass overhead.

More Boulders

Step through the open door and climb down the ladder. At the bottom shimmy left. Let go to drop into the chamber. There is a switch at the wall. When you press it a boulder will come towards you. Run towards it and before it can hit you get out of the way to the left or the right. On the left is now an open door. Step through and pick up the Uzi Ammo. Step out on the other side and climb up to the right. Climb further up ahead to come to a closed door. Turn left. Run out into the open and shoot the killer you'll meet. He loses M16 Ammo. Follow the path to come to the top of a double stair, leading down to both sides.

Water Switch

Run down to the right, you will come past stairs on your right leading up to a closed gate where you will need an artefact. Run further down and clear the area around the huts of three gangsters which will lose some Uzi and M16 Ammo and a small medipack. Then use the switch in the right hut. A big gate opens. Run back up the stairs and climb back onto the dark walkway on top. Run back to the right till you reach the gate again which is now open. Step through and flip the next switch. A big yellow door opens and water will be let in.

Flooded Cave

Now run back towards the huge cave and find it flooded. Jump into the water. On a nearby block, under water you can find a small medipack. A tiny bridge that is fully under water is also nearby. When you have collected the medipack a fish will appear. Climb out and kill it. Then jump back into the water, nearby you will find a Gold Nugget. I should inform you that it's on the floor, gold on gold, so look for something sticking out. Then dive into the upper passage of the building right of the spot where you found it. There you will find some automatic ammo. Then dive into the lower passage to find a large medipack. In the hut on the other side you will find some more automatic ammo, but you will also attract another fish. In the adjacent chamber is some more automatic ammo and another fish will appear. Now swim over to the stairs with the remaining closed door.

Lava Waterfall, Spikewalls and Blade

Now place the Gold Nugget in the receptacle on the right side of the gate. It opens. Step through and into the passage on the left. Carefully peek around the corner. You can see two spike walls and a rolling blade.
Goodies: On the left you can spot a package of flares. Run over to the left and jump onto the block there. Collect the flares and the small medipack. Take a running jump back onto the walkway where the spike wall was. It has now reached the back.
Now make your way over to the right side avoiding the rolling blade. Here as well make a running jump onto the block at the wall. At the beginning of the dark passage you can climb up to the left. Then climb further up to the right. Climb up on the left again. Climb up to the right again. On your left is now a grate through which the lava flows. Turn around and look up to spot a ladder. Jump up and climb it. Pull up to the top. Turn to the left and walk into the corner. At the left wall you will find another ladder you need to climb. On top you will come to a deep wide shaft.
Secret 1 (Golden Skull): Take a running jump to get over the lava stream and to the other side. There you can find a ladder leading down. Do not climb down. You will need it for your way back up. Instead look down the front side. There is a slide. Slide down backwards and grab the ledge. Shimmy to the spot above the entrance. Let go to drop onto the platform in front. Inside you will find another ladder. Climb down and pick up the Golden Skull. Position underneath the ladder, jump straight up and grab it. Climb back up. Back up on top take a running jump towards the right onto a block. Climb up to the right. You will slide down and end up at the foot of the ladder. Climb up to the top to return to the deep shaft.
Get to the side with the ladder and climb down. Drop down and run a circle to turn around, jump over to the other platforms where you can spot a large medipack. Quickly get onto that safe spot. Pick up the medipack. From here run over the collapsing tiles towards the pit in the middle, but be careful, if you fall too deep - into the pit in the middle - you will die. Slide down to the bottom. Cross the bridge and drop into the cage.
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