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Communications Breakdown

Mission "Communications Breakdown": Talk to the remnant to be offered the first mission and accept it. (Use x to talk to him and accept it with A.) As you can see, as reward for this mission you will get the Lock Pick. Remark: To look at the mission objective, go to the map and press Y. Your current mission is: "Destroy the communications towers". There are five to be found. If you take a glance at the map, you can see them marked with green circles. In-game these communications towers can be identified by their red and blue blinking lights at the top of the tower, as long as they are still active.
1st Communications Tower
To reach the first communications tower, run up the path left of the water tower. Pass the watch tower on the left and head up to the large building ahead (north-east). It is an old saw-mill. Using the lorry parked in front, or the yellow ladder to the right of it, you can climb up to the building and reach the communications tower. Stand in front of the open communication repeater panel and use the axe to damage it by repeatedly pressing X. Before you continue towards the next tower, collect the crate with salvage in front of the large saw blade.
Relic (2/18) Now head over to the left side where you can scramble up the wall by a board with white marks to reach the medium level. Here run across the boards on the left side. You will find a crate with Salvage. Next step into the cage on the right where you find a small chest containing the next relic, Family Photo from the set "Gulag Possessions". You'll gain +25 XP for collecting the photo. Examine it: Look at the back side to discover writing and you will improve your Russian (+15 XP). Head back across the boards.
Strongbox (2/14) Still on the middle level, get behind the saw blade and look to the back (north) where you can see an orange crane in the distance. You want to climb the ladder, however first you should collect the crate with Salvage from the platform behind the ladder. Jump over there and pick it up, before you jump back. Now climb up the ladder to reach the top level. Here you can pry open the next Strongbox . Inside you will find a part of the Compound Bow (1/4) and you will gain +75 XP. Turn around and jump to the other side. On the way you can collect Feathers from two nests; one in the middle on the right side and one at the end in the right corner. If you were in possession of the knife already, you could also cut loose a crate with resources half-way on the left, and a soviet flag in the far left corner. Keep that in mind for later.
Mural (4/12) Finally head to the far left corner (south) to where the red flag is. If you now turn to the left and look towards the large rock formation with the next communications tower, you can see a roof below you, attached to the middle level of the saw mill. Hop down. At the wall on the left you can find the next mural, Star of Progress from the "Soviet Crests". It will improve Lara's Russian (+25 XP). Hop back down.
2nd Communications Tower
Take a look at the map to find where the second Communications Tower is located. It is east of the saw mill. Leave the saw mill towards the back (north), where you can spot a cave entrance on the right. In front you can collect Herbs from a bush on the right and often the Hide of a dead deer.
Challenge "Into Darkness" (2/5): Since we're already here, we might as well explore the cave. Enter to fulfil another part of the challenge and gain +35 XP. You will be attacked by a pack of wolves. Using poison arrows you can dispose of them quickly. Don't forget to collect their hides.
Map But you're not done with the cave just yet. Search it to find the Archivist Map at the back of the cave, on the left, which reveals documents, murals and relic in the area. Further you can find Mushrooms and Magnesite Ore. Now you're ready to leave the cave again.
Run to the climbable wall on the right of the cave entrance. Climb up. At the top jump up to the white handhold and shimmy around to the right. From the end jump to the right, towards the ledge and pull up. Here you will find a nest with Feathers . Squeeze through the gap to reach the other side where you will find another climbable wall at the end, on the left. Head up to reach a climbing ledge. Traverse to the left and at the end drop onto the top ledge. Later, once you've decoded a certain monolith, you will be able to find a coin cache here. Scramble up the wall and run around the ledge, till you reach a gap. Jump it and then scramble up the next wall. Immediately use the axe to grab hold of the climbable wall. Climb up to reach the next communications tower. Use the axe to pry loose the wires in the repeater panel, to deactivate the next tower. Then use the zip line to get back down. You'll land on a tree-platform with a crate of salvage.
3rd Communications Tower
After taking the zip line down, you are almost at the third tower. Look to the nearby cliff wall (east) and you can spot it. Jump over there and use the rock on the left to climb onto the upper level. Stand in front of the repeater panel and use the axe to deactivate the third tower. Climb down from your current ledge and you may find some Hardwood to the right.
4th Communications Tower
The next communications tower is north of your current position, again easily identified by the red and blue light at the top end. Run past the cave entrance. Ahead, just underneath the tower you can spot a climbable wall. The cave on the right is of no interest to you at the moment, since you are missing rope arrows. You could use it to push on with the challenge "Into Darkness", but you will find enough caves if you stick to the guide.) It's up to you, if you choose to start climbing at the lower left end or scramble up the wall on the right to jump to the upper part of the climbing wall. In either case, head to the right and upwards. Here you will find the base camp Sheltered Ridge, which will award you with +25 XP. Those who play on Survivor once again have to spend 3 hardwood to activate the camp. If you rest here, you will get the next Camp Journal, Important Work. Around the camp you can find two crates of Salvage and a nest with Feathers. Once you've collected those, get to the communications tower and use the axe with the repeater panel.
5th Communications Tower
The final communications tower is to the west of your current location. In fact it is on a lower level but for the sake of exploration we will head up instead. From the ledge with the Sheltered Ridge base camp, head towards the tree by the elevation and jump up to its branch. From the branch jump over to the higher ledge where a red cover is flapping in the wind. On the One you could also simply scramble up the wall, however this might not always work on the 360. Follow the path and at the end jump towards the Climbable Wall. On the ledge below you can only find Mushrooms. Climb up and follow the wooden walkway. The next communications tower is now right below you. So instead of jumping along, you drop through the gap and slide down the hill. Lara will end up at a hut. Behind Lara is a blocked cave entrance for which she will need explosives. Atop the watertower is another of those Soviet Flags for which she will need the knife. By the fence right of the watertower you can collect a crate with salvage.
Strongbox (3/14) Head up the wooden stairs to enter the hut, where you will find some Rifle Ammunition, a crate with salvage and a Strongbox which can be pried open with the axe. Inside is a Semi-Auto Pistol Part (3/4) gibt. You will be rewarded with +75 XP. Get back outside.
Run to the repeater panel in front of the hut and once again use the axe to cut off the power. You are rewarded with +50 XP.
Relic (3/18) Before finishing the mission you can grab another relic. Climb up the ladder to the wooden watchtower to find the tiny chest with the Wish Maker Toy, from the set "Gulag Possessions"-, atop. You will gain +25 XP. Since at this point in the story you do not have rope arrows, climb back down.
Finishing the Mission
Now it is time to return to the Remnant General to finish the mission. Get out through the gate and step towards the frozen river. Balance across the snow-covered tree trunk to the other side. Take note of the orange crane and the dangling tree trunk attached to it. This will be o interest very soon. But one thing at a time. Run along the path between sawmill and frozen river and past the bridge on the right. You will come upon a crate with salvage, near a stack of tree trunks. Ignore the hut on the right for now and run along the left of the rock and downhill to get back to the base camp. Talk to the Remnant General to finish the mission. This will get you the Lock Pick and +350 XP.
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