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Dangerous Territory

Mission (2/5) "Dangerous Territory": Now talk to the remnant at the fence and accept his mission. He wants you to cleanse a cave of wolves, so he has a safe hideout. Head out through the gate and turn left to get back to the sawmill. Run along its left side to come to the bridge. Cross it to the left. On the right is a monolith, however it requires Russian level 3 and Lara's language proficiency is currently at level 2, if you've followed this guide. On the middle level on the left would be a coin cache, had you discovered and decoded the monolith at the copper mill. I will return for both sidequests later. The cave you are looking for is straight ahead. In front you can find two dead deer, no doubt killed by the wolves. Skin them for their hide. Get your poison arrows ready and enter the cave.
Challenge: Into Darkness (4/5) By entering the cave, you take one step further to fulfilling the challenge. You'll get +35 XP.
Run down the ramp and into the dark passage ahead. In the next part of the cave you will encounter five wolves.
Chemical Warfare Try to lure them all out by running around in the cave. When you're sure you have all five following you, try to get them all into the narrow dark passage between the two parts of the cave and kill them with a poison arrow. If you mange to hit all five, you'll get the Achievement Chemical Warfare. You have only one try at this point.
Kill them all using poison arrows. Once you've beaten all the wolves, you will get +125 XP. Skin the wolves for their hide, then search the cave for Magnesite Ore and deer hide. After that, leave the cave again.
Map: Back outside, run up to the right, where you can find an Archivist Map. It reveals documents, murals and relics on your map.
Like I mentioned before going into the cave, there would be a coin cache on the level below, but we have not found and decoded the monolith yet. Climb onto the watchtower on the lowest level and collect the Salvage crate. Then use the zip line, to slide down to the roof of the hut. Grab the Feathers from the nest here, if you like. Jump down and talk to the Remnant to get the reward, the Pistol Sights. You'll gain +300 XP
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