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The Unlucky Ones

Mission (3/5) "The Unlucky Ones": Enter the hut at the Logging Camp again, to talk to the Remnant here. He has another mission for you, to rescue Remnant prisoners. Accept it. Take a look at the map to figure out where you need to go. You will see that the green circle is located on the other side of the water.

From the logging camp, run along the fence and the water's edge to the left. On your way you will be able to collect some Hardwood. After passing a fallen tree trunk, you will encounter a truck on which you can find some Assault Rifle Ammunition. Run further along and down to the right and you will find a second truck. Shortly after that you will be able to spot a rock in the water and a rope leading towards it.
Survival Cache (10/21): Once you have passed the fir tree and are standing in front of the damaged part of the wooden scaffolding, you will be able to find the next Survival Cache buried close to the loose wooden boards. If contains random Resources and +25 XP. There are also two occurrences of Hardwood near the water edge.
Get back to the truck at the beginning of the wooden scaffold, on which you can find more Assault Rifle Ammunition. Then jump from the wooden ramp up to the scaffolding. Follow the walkway. After crossing a beam you will find another truck. Shortly after that it the beginning of the zip line. Jump onto it to slide down to the rock in the water. Use the axe to climb up onto the rock. Look over to the jutting ledge on the other side and spot the climbable wall there. Jump over and use the axe to climb up.
Gift of Alms: Here you will find a container with random Resources and +25 XP.
Look along the rock cliff to the left to see a rope coil. Stand next to the pillar and use a rope arrow to span a rope across, then use it to climb over. Drop down onto the platform. Take a few steps foward to the next climbable wall. Climb up and to the right. Jump across the gap to the second part of the climbable wall and climb further up to pull up onto the plateau. Jump up the tree branches to reach the higher ledge with a wall scramble. Careful there are two Soldiers up here. Finish the right one with a headshot and then do the same thing with the left one.
Explorer's Satchel Head over to the left and find the next Explorer's Satchel near the bunker entrance. This will reward you with +50 XP and provide you with a Map of Survival Caches, Caves and Strongboxes.
Survival Cache (11/21): As you can learn from the map collected just now, the next Survival Cache is close by. Get to the right side of the shaft leading into the bunker to dig up the cache and get random Resources and +25 XP.
Now crawl through the opening into the bunker. Turn left.
Gift of Alms: On the right side above the stairs you can find a container holding random Resources that will reward you with +25 XP.
Now run down the stairs. Behind the door you can stealth kill a single Soldier from behind. There are two more Soldiers in this room who are currently asleep. Killing one will often wake the other; finish both quickly. Then head towards the back of the chamber where you find a locked door. Use the lock pick to open it (hold X) and step inside two find two Remnant. Cut them loose (press X) while standing behind them. Even though the combat knife symbol is being displayed, you can free them without the knife. You'll gain +100 XP. Leave the chamber and run back up the stairs. If you like, you can talk to the Remnant before leaving. They'll thank you.

On our way back we will take a different route. Use the Axe to pry open the door on the left side, instead of crawling back through the shaft on the right. The opening in the left wall leads to a dead end. You may recall this location from earlier, where we arrived here with the zip line, during the level Among the Enemy. Do you remember that I pointed out a locked door back then? Now it's time to examine it. Once more climb through the large window straight ahead and run over to the end of the room.
Gift of Alms: On the right hand side you can use the lock pick to open the door. Inside you will find a container with random Resources and +25 XP on the left.
Salvage and Resources: On the right is a crate containing Salvage. On the same wall, left of the salvage you can find a locker with Ammunition and +10 XP that can be opened with the lock pick.
Relic (9/18): On the opposite wall, left of where the Gift of Alms was, you can find a small chest with the next relic. It is the Gulag ID from the set "Gulag Possessions" and is worth +25 XP. Leave the room again.
Now run through the door on the left side (opposite) and climb through the shaft to reach the warehouse once more. Exit to the right, towards the yard, where you climb over the fence on the right side. You will come to the base camp Train Yard again. If you like, you can use fast travel here to return to the logging camp, however it is not really far, if you recall. Head towards the edge of the cliff and climb up the ladder of the tower on the right. Use the rope slide to return to the Logging Camp. Enter the hut to speak to the Remnant General and complete the mission. Besides the outfit "Infiltrator" you'll gain +250 XP and 3000 Credits that can be used in the in-game "Marketplace" to buy card packs that can be used for "Expeditions" (other game modes). And since it was the third mission, you will also get the Achievement Good Samaritan (10G on Xbox One or 15G on Xbox 360).
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