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Tomb of the Ferryman

  • Bronze Point Challenge (32,000)
  • Silver Point Challenge (48,000)
  • Gold Point Challenge (80,000) - Reward: AR-06
  • Complete Tomb of the Ferryman in under 7:00 - Reward: Copper Spirit of Shen and Heb
  • Collect 5 Red Skulls - Reward: Restricted Copper Ring of Haste
  • Cross the spike ball river without touching the water - Reward: Solar Copper Ring of Strength
  • Use the trap platforms to dunk an enemy - Reward: Max Ammo Upgrade
  • Destroy the wall without grabbing the Timebomb - Reward: Max Health Upgrade
Story: Lara and Carter read the murals telling Sobek's story. full story

Double Door System

Below the area with the mural and the Sobek bust, you will find some vases with gems and a closed spike gate on the right side. Just to the left of it is an Eye of Horus trigger you need to shoot to lower this gate. (It switches from red to green.) However doing so will raise a second set of spikes. To get through this double door system, get over to the Eye of Horus and place a remote bomb right next to it. Then step through the first gate while it is open. After you have passed the first gate, detonate the remote bomb, to activate the Eye of Horus trigger again and lower the second set while rising the first one again.

Water Channel

Hop across the gap in the stairs and grab the gems on your way down. You will reach a channel with water streaming down. There are gems inside the current you can grab and more on the other side. Lighting the brazier on your side will have no consequences. The spike gate on the other side of the channel is closed. Drop a remote bomb into the water and wait for it to float downstream towards an Eye of Horus trigger beyond the spikes in the channel. Once there, detonate the bomb to lower the spikes blocking your way.


Get to the other side of the channel and head down the stairs.
Red Skull (1/5): If you look up to Lara's left, you can see two collapsed folding ledges and a red skull. To extend these ledges, drop another remote bomb into the stream and detonate it to hit the Eye of Horus trigger again, preferably after stepping past the spike gate, to not lock yourself in. Stand at the top of the stairs and jump towards the first ledge, from here continue on to the second, to grab the Red Skull #1. Hop back down onto the stairs.
Step around the corner at the bottom of the stairs to meet a group of enemies: one of Sobek's warriors with a spear, and a variety of sword and bow skeletons shooting either fire or poison. After they've been dealt with, cross the small wooden bridge and approach the spike pit. Attach the grapple to the gold ring up on the left wall and swing across. On the other side and while heading down the stairs, shoot the vases and light the brazier to get gems and possibly a medkit or ammo, if you're in need.

Collapsible Bridge

At the bottom Lara will remark on the state of the bridge. It is made of collapsible tiles so it's a bad idea to dawdle. Run straight ahead.
Red Skull (2/5): When you reach the end, jump over to Lara's left, towards the bottom of the screen, to grab the Red Skull #2 on another collapsible tile. (If you miss the jump, simply "reload checkpoint".)
You will invariably end up in the water, surrounded by three crocodiles. You can easily dispose of them by using remote bombs. When they are dealt with, swim to the top of the screen where you will find a row of spears blocking the path. Luckily these are equipped with Osiris glyphs Use the staff of Osiris to retract the spears and hold it, while climbing out and up onto the stairs above. At the top, collect the gems, including those hidden underneath the crumbling floor, that can be freed using a remote bomb.

A Path Across the Pool

Step onto the Pressure Pad to raise a set of broad columns in the water. This will also call upon a group of Skeletons with regular and with poison swords. After they have been dealt with get to the corner with the pressure pad and face towards the bottom right corner of the screen. Jump onto the extended block there and continue towards the row of three blocks. When stepping on them a low block on the other side of the water rises up, making it possible for you to shortcut, should you fall into the water. Hop towards the single column, then turn to Lara's left and jump onto the pillar in the middle of the pool. Finally jump towards the single column to the right corner of the screen and from there towards the walkway where the baddies came from. Two of Sobek's warriors wielding bombs will spawn. Shoot them, before using a remote bomb to finish them off. After collecting all gems, step onto the raising block with the Osiris glyph and raise it up, using the staff.

Two Mark's of Set and a Mirror

Jump off towards the upper level towards the top of the screen. Here you can collect more gems. Run up the stairs to reach a trench with water. Swim through it, until you reach the closed spike gate. Swim to its left side, where you will find another Eye of Horus trigger. Use a remote bomb to activate it and lower the gate. This will also call upon a group of crocodiles. Quickly swim along the trench, occasionally dropping remote bombs behind you and detonating them, to keep the crocodiles at bay. At the top of the stairs leading out of the water, you can collect the Machine Pistols. Picking them up will alert some enemies. They will come in two waves, consisting of Sobek's warriors with lance, flaming and regular sword skeleton, bow skeletons shooting fire or poison arrows. Once they are dealt with, collect all gems, ammo and medkits, including those from braziers and underneath crumbling floor plates. Now run along the left side of the trench (at the top of the screen) to find two Marks of Set separated by a stone wall. Find the pressure pad beyond them and stand on it to raise a double folding ledge above the trench. This will allow you to reach the other side, otherwise locked away behind a spiked gate. Get towards the turnstile winch and grab its handlebar to rotate it clockwise 360 degrees. This will raise a mirror for a about 10 seconds. Quickly jump back to the other side, stand behind the closest Mark of Set, aim the beam of the staff through it and towards the mirror and quickly adjust your position to the second Mark of Set is also hit. Destroying both will lower both spike gates on the other side, the one blocking access to the mirror and handlebar and the one leading onward. Jump to the other side and step through.

Rolling Ball and Precise Timing

Run up the stairs and jump over the gap. At the end turn right and jump over the next gap. Use the grapple with the gold ring up on the left wall to get across the next gap. Head down the stairs and shoot vases and light the brazier to obtain gems, ammo and medkits. Jump down into the water and swim to the other side. After collecting all gems from vases, find the rolling ball towards the bottom of the screen.
Red Skull (3/5): Move the rolling ball over to the other side of the platform, onto a pressure pad. This will extend a walkway through the water and a folding ledge below a red skull. Cross the walkway, take a few steps onto the stairs and then jump up to the folding ledge. Pull up to grab the Red Skull #3. Get back to where the rolling ball was.
Step onto the first square with an Osiris glyph, but don't activate it just yet, as it will make a set of spears come shooting up. Instead jump towards the platform with the extended spears and an Osiris glyph in front of you and while in the air use the staff to retract them and land safely. Jump onward, towards the pedestal with the pressure pad in front of you. Stepping on it will raise a lower column in the water to Lara's left, a way back up, should she fall into the crocodile-infested waters. You can shoot the crocodiles from above however and earn some score points in the process. Jump towards the next column with an Osiris glyph and again time your jump towards the next column with extended spears Osiris glyph, the left one of the two, perfectly by using the staff to retract the spears while in the air.

Step into the water and the spike gate behind you closes, barring the way back. Swim to the stairs on the left to exit the water. You will be greeted by enemies in several waves: Sobek's warriors with bombs or wielding a lance, as well as regular and flaming sword skeletons. At the top of the stairs and to the right you can find an Ammo Cache, should you need it. After a successful fight, collect all ammo, medkits and gems including those on outlying columns and in the water.
Red Skull (4/5): Towards the right of the screen, down in the water, you can spot a closed spike gate with a red skull behind it. Go over to the pull switch to the left of it and pull it out all the way, to open the gate for a short time. Quickly hop into the water and grab the Red Skull #4. Get back out of the water.
Now stand on the square with the Osiris glyph left of the ammo cache and raise it up to reach the upper level. There is a Health Shrine here. The spike gate here should have been lowered by killing all enemies.
Max Ammo Upgrade Before you continue through, you can jump over to the aqueduct further left from the health shrine and collect the gems there and at the end of it, you can pick up a Max Ammo Upgrade. You will be attacked by two bomb-throwing Sobek warriors one regular and one flaming. Return to the health shrine.

Spike Ball River

Step through, into the next area. Collect the gems, including those on the ledge up to the left and then run up the stairs, where more gems can be found in a brazier and under floor boards. At the top you will reach the spike ball river.
Challenge: "Cross the spike ball river without touching the water": This next section has to be navigated carefully to obtain one of the challenges for this tomb. Do not fall into the water, until you reach the end and are awarded with the Solar Copper Ring of Strength. During the whole journey across the river, you can choose "reload checkpoint", should you fail, to try again.
Jump onto the column ahead. The next target is the small pillar close to the wall. From there turn right and jump towards the broader platform at the wall. The next target is the spiked column in the middle of the river. From here make a very daring jump towards the narrow pillar on the left wall with the Max Health Upgrade. From here, jump on, towards the broader platform also at the left wall. The next jump has you aiming towards a second spiked column in the middle of the river. From here the broader column also in the centre is your next target, and finally, jump either towards the spiked column on the right, which has a medkit on top, or the one on the left with some gems, before hopping toward safe ground.

Timebomb, Pressure Plate, and Eye of Horus Trigger

In the next area, deal with two of Sobek's warriors wielding spears. After they've been dealt with, grab all the gems on safe ground. Now clear the first water pool on the left of crocodiles and get into the water to collect the gems there as well. Now stand on the raising block with the Osiris glyph and use the staff to raise it up. Hop up onto the next level.
Red Skull (5/5): You might have already spotted the final red skull of the level; it is located behind a spike gate down by the raising block. To obtain it, ignore the main part of the puzzle for now and simply shoot the Eye of Horus trigger once. Among other things this lowers the spikes blocking the red skull. Hop down and collect the Red Skull #5. You are rewarded by the Restricted Copper Ring of Haste. Use the raising block to get back up.
Now it's time for the puzzle. Make sure the Eye of Horus trigger has been activated once, which is the case when you've followed this guide to the letter. This also means that the trigger is currently green in colour and that the spike gate at the lower end of the ramp is retracted. Place a remote bomb near the trigger for later use. Now stand on the pressure plate to extend the block behind the inactive timebomb and push it down the ramp. Immediately use the staff to slow down time, to allow the timebomb to make its journey. Wait for it to make its way to the folding ledge with the Osiris glyph, which is currently folded upwards due to usage of the staff. Now detonate the remote bomb to activate the Eye of Horus trigger again, turning it red, to clear the spikes that may block the timebomb's path when catapulting it upwards in a moment. Then release the staff long enough to flip it down and allow the timebomb to float onto it. Use the staff again, to fold up the ledge and catapult the timebomb up onto your ledge, over the retracted spikes.
Challenge: "Destroy the wall without grabbing the Timebomb": Don't forget about on of the challenges for this tomb and keep your paws off the timebomb. Instead use one of Lara's remote bombs to catapult the timebomb around and obtain a Max Health Upgrade for your troubles.
Get it towards the bricked-up wall and let it detonate. Step through the opening.

Ammit Chase

Follow the stairs upwards, collecting all gems. Inside a pool in your path you will find a Health Shrine. Continue onto the other side, where Ammit will appear. Collect gems during the chase at your own risk. Keep to the right side of the screen to avoid the first wave of spike balls. These tactics will also work for the second and third wave, jump across any gaps, water trenches, and walls in your path. Jump into the stream next and make your way around the spiked columns. Towards the end there are several Sobek Warriors on spiked columns that hurl fire bolts or bombs at you. At the end of the stream leap towards the column. Jump across all seven of these columns to reach the next stream at the other side. Float downstream to effectively end the chase. The stone circle in front of you holds a Bag of Gems and stepping onto the circle platform will open the door to the treasure chamber. After grabbing the gems from the braziers, head through the door.

Treasure Chamber

Lara enters the treasure chamber of the tomb, where she finds the next Fragment of Osiris, one of his feet. You will earn the trophy I should buy a boat. Collect all the gems inside the treasure chamber and make your way over to the left to find a couple of Medkits, Ammo, and atop the stairs, the largest treasure chest. Once everything is plundered, return to where you found the fragment of Osiris and use the circular portal to return to the overworld.
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