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2. In the Shadows

Version: 2nd draft Tasks:
  • Find Dominguez
  • Follow Dominguez
  • Find Another Way into the Dig Site
  • Investigate the Area
  • Stop the Execution
  • Find the Temple Entrance
  • Climb Down the Cliff
Region: Cozumel Finds: 0/9 Collectibles
1 other Artifact (collected automatically)
7 Conversations

Find Dominguez

After the cutscene, you will be awarded the Path to the Stars Trophy/Achievement (Bronze/15G). Head down the stairs. Feel free to explore the market.
If you are not interested in being guided to all pickups and other points of interest in this part, you can continue with the story below.
After the conversation with Jonah turn around and pick up the medkit (+2 cloth, +2 medicine) on the stool.
Conversation (1/7): Head around to the left, past the seating area of the cafe, till you meet a grey-haired woman with whom you can have a conversation about youth.
Immediately to her left is a Resource Container with +15 XP. A little bit further right from the old woman you will find a basket with medicine (herbs).
Conversation (2/7): Further along the left path, near the fountain you will find a vendor selling food offering another conversation opportunity.
Conversation (3/7): Follow the edge around the fountain to run into another woman with whom you can have a conversation.
Head over to the right to explore the right side of the "La Casa Mexicana" stage to find another basket with medicine (herbs) behind the boy sitting on his father's shoulders. Walk past the stage and into the narrow passage on its left side. At the back follow the long path to the right end to find another Resource Container and gain +15 XP.
Conversation (4/7): Now follow this back alley to the left end, where you find another conversation opportunity with a masked man selling trinkets.
Get back out near the stage.
Conversation (5/7): Just to the right is a boy waving around a sparkler whom Lara can have another conversation with.
Beyond him, get over to the left and follow the path behind the food stalls where you can grab another Resource Container with +15 XP.
Now it's time to continue with the story.
Once you are done with exploring the area, head towards the big gate where Dominguez disappeared and where two guards are keeping watch. Johan will distract them, allowing Lara to sneak past.

Follow Dominguez

Lara adds a photo of Jonah Maiava to the "Lara's Notebook" (2/11) artifacts collection. Follow the passage and sneak out to the left, through the throng of people. Immediately to the right you will find some cloth by the candles in front of the tree. Over to the left is another basket with medicine (herbs).
Conversation (6/7): In the centre of the area you will find a young masked man, sitting on a low stool, mourning the loss of his wife, with whom you can have a short conversation.
Beyond him, in the left corner of the yard, you can squeeze through another throng of locals. Immediately to the left is another basket with medicine (herbs). Once you are done in the graveyard, head up the short set of stairs to the open gate. Get through to reach the alleys of the town. Follow the alley to the end to get into a narrow back alley. Follow it while listening in on the Trinity operatives.
Conversation (7/7): Around the next corner, after listening in on Rourke, you will come past a drunk guy with whom you can start a very short conversation.
Follow the path further till you reach what at first seems to be a dead end. Squeeze through an opening in the wall. You obtain +50 XP.

Find Another Way into the Dig Site

In front of the truck you can find some cloth. Follow the passage on the right. Past the fence, you can use wall scramble. Press jump and jump again when touching the wall to perform a double-jump. (Xbox: A, PS: X) Lara will get up and over the wall to reach the dig site where Lara changes into her proper outfit.

Investigate the Area

When examining a large circular stone tablet, Lara is distracted by sounds coming from the vicinity. Follow the path down and by the lorry sneak through a large pipe on the left to reach the next area.

Stop the Execution

Here are two Trinity soldiers harassing an archaeologist. Use the Melee Attack/Finisher (Xbox: Y, PS: Triangle) to kill the first Trinity Soldier with the knife. Then use the bow as instructed to kill the second Soldier as well. Hold the button for aim (PS: L2, Xbox: LT), move the reticle over the soldier's head, and press shoot (PS: R2, Xbox: RT). Additionally to the XP gained by killing the two, you will obtain +50 XP for completing the task. Loot the fallen enemies for Ammunition and Resources; while the one you shot may have disappeared, at least the one you melee killed should be still somewhere around the exit of the duct.

Find the Temple Entrance

Just ahead, on a small pedestal with some steps you will find a Resource Container which will give you an addition +15 XP. In the corner to the right, just to the right side of the stairs you can find more medicine (Achiote). Up the stairs and just beyond the remains of the temple, out to the right is the first crate of salvage (+1). Further along at the back is more medicine (Achiote). Over to the other side of the area is another plant offering medicine (Achiote). And in the far corner Lara can find a second Resource Container also giving her +15 XP. Once you are done with collecting, find the even wall to the south-east where above there is a stone arch through which you can see the moon. Use the wall jump to get up there. Approach the ledge to find a circular stone tablet with information on Ix Chel and Chak Chel which will be added to the "Lara's Notebook" (3/11) artifact collection. Lara obtains +50 XP.

Climb Down the Cliff

But before you continue, there is another Resource Container (+15 XP) nearby the stone tablet, to the right. Now head over to the left side of the edge and jump towards the craggy wall to start climbing. Rappel down by tapping the indicated button and then drop down onto the ledge. Follow it along. From the end jump over to the narrow ledge on the rock formation in front of you. Traverse around to the left. From the end jump over to the left to the next craggy wall. Once more rappel all the way down and drop onto the ledge. Jump to the pillar with the craggy wall and quickly ram your axe into the surface. Climb around to the right and pull up onto the ledge. Jump towards the wall with the two ledges attached and upon touching it jump again to reach the topmost ledge. Run to the end of the current walkway and jump towards the next narrow ledge. Traverse to the right. Here you can use the axe to climb down and then rappel down to reach the lower end of the wall. Here you can perform a wall run to reach the craggy wall further to the right. Climb around to the right and there perform a rappel swing to reach the ledge with the entrance. You will obtain +150 XP.
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